American Airlines Customer Service

American Airlines Customer Service

American Airlines is an organization of carriers of passengers from source to destination, which is known for its easy booking of American airlines, easy American Airlines manage booking, good services for a flight, to its customers at an affordable rate. This is the world’s largest Airline and CEO of American Airline is Doug Parker. With the name of American Airlines, it initially started in January 1930 and officially started its services in 1934. American Airlines headquarters at Fort Worth, Texas. It provides booking of airline tickets for a family tour, business tour,  vacation etc with a special bonus and provides discounts.

Whenever you need information related to flight status you can contact us on American Airline customer service. We provide the best services and opportunities to our passengers at our end. We provide our customers full satisfaction with a good meal, entertainment, and a clean environment. You can contact our American Airlines customer service number  +1-888-207-0960 if you have any queries regarding booking tickets, aa check-in and travel and talk to our senior customer care executive through American Airlines reservations number.

Services provided by American Airlines

  • Online reservation and instant cancellation refund of money 
  • Check-in service
  • Food and entertainment service in aircraft
  • Baggage and lounges service

Online check-in schedule of the flight

To know the flight schedule i.e departure and arrival time or you get bored waiting in a long queue and you do not know how to check-in online. This problem can be easily sorted out through the American Airlines manage booking number  +1-888-207-0960, customer can easily watch online flight status before 24 hours boarding of flight.

American Airlines Customer Service

Luggage, baggage and fresh food services

This airline company provides the best services to its customers. Our American Airlines customer care expert looks after every customer’s luggage and baggage. American Airlines gives fresh and delicious food and updated menus to its passengers. Further, any problem arises like luggage lost or misplace soon inform the authority member of the flight. They help you to get your luggage and message on American Airlines phone number+1-888-207-0960.

                                              American Airlines Customer ServiceAmerican Airlines Customer Service

Entertainment service by American Airlines

American Airlines keeps in mind passenger interest in entertainment service in-flight, due to this service passengers do not get bored and enjoy the journey. Services are like tv programs,   video games, and WI-FI according to customers preference.


American Airlines Customer Service

Cancellation service

You plan a trip and in the meantime necessary to cancel your booking with some reasons. American Airlines provide facility to cancel ticket under the guidelines of Department of transport and on cancellation refund of money get back. 

Steps for the cancellation of a ticket 
  • visit the official website of American Airlines.
  •  Login and navigate to the cancellation page.
  • Click on the flight then you have to enter your confirmation number, first name, and last name.
  • And check out your flight information.
  • Now go to the bottom of the page and watch the travel funds.
  • Cancel your reservation from the bottom of the page.
  • Also, follow the rules to get a refund.

American Airlines refund policy

American airlines are the special and best airlines in the world. American Airlines provide the refund policy for you. When you cancel a flight ticket with American airlines, you want to full refund for your cancellation. You always want an immediate refund for your cancel ticket. You can request your refund in 7 working days. When you cancel your ticket before 24 hours departure of your flight, you can get a full refund in your account. You can request your refund by mail and telephone. When you request your refund some fields are necessary to fill such as your full name, address, date of journey, destination, ticket number and many more. During this, you can get your refund in an easy and convenient way.  If you want to get more information about your refund policy, you can visit our American Airlines official site. You can call our American airlines phone number and you get detail for your refund.

Manage Your American Airlines Manage booking Service

American Airlines provide this feature to manage your bookings in case of any emergency via calling on the American Airlines customer support number. And follow these steps to manage your bookings efficiently:

  • Visit the American Airlines website, and click the American Airlines Manage Booking option that is available at the top of websites.
  • Then the customer can enter login details and
  • After login details of booking or reservation number and last name on passport, customers can check their desired booking and restore the flight time, can cancel the flight, edit the name, contact details, add and remove passengers, etc. Customers can upgrade to the upper class using options and during this time you are also notified about present deals.

Lowest rental ticket facility in American Airlines

Receive the lowest rental ticket facility in American Airlines through American Airlines reservation phone number. Customers do not provide exact information about travel needs and do not have sufficient rentals information then our professional made available all information related to the range of rent according to time and date of necessity.

Book your tickets with American Airlines Reservations Number

We offer a great opportunity to book flight in advance with a discount and that is fit for your budget. And get a chance to be delighted with travel by American Airlines. In the second resort, American Airlines always present at your door to book tickets through American Airlines reservations manage your booking with American Airlines manage booking feature. This company takes into consideration your safety along with entertainment programs and other services throughout the journey. AA customer service gives fantastic services at low cost and with you to overcome the hurdles at 24 hours and 7 days. We make you aware how to apply or payment online all information provided by our expert ring on aa customer service number +1-888-207-0960 for a fast solution of your inquiry. It provides attractive services like healthy catering facilities, entertainment facilities, well trained crew and ground staff members of the aircraft.

Few steps to choose a flight seat with American Airlines

This Airline provides easy steps to book flights with American Airlines without any trouble. If customer find any difficulty in booking flight ticket directly call through American Airlines reservation number.

  • To booking flight tickets, and choose seat according to you, you go to the American Airlines website.
  • Now you will need to fill all required details on the left side of the screen like takeoff and landing dates, days, etc. After filling f take a snap look.
  • Choose your favorite takeoff flight before loading the page.
  • Enter the date on each page for every person to travel with you and enter the type of id that will check in at the air terminal.
  • You can select a seat that is not blurred in American Airlines. No extra charge for the white seat. Well, additional charges on the blue and orange seat. Swipe on seat container that shows you seat number and extra charges if asserted with them.
  • Select the medium how you pay the price for flight tickets online and click on continue to purchase. After that, you receive a reservation number and print this page for further flight reference.
  •  Choose seats for any other passengers. Then selector goes naturally to the following explorer click on “follow flight” and select the seats for any relevant flights and for your arrival trip. When you have come to the conclusion of your seat decisions, click on your seat “Continue”.

What are the benefits that you can get with American airlines?

When you book a flight ticket with American airlines, you can get several benefits from us. You enjoy each and every moment of your life to travel with us. American Airlines provides you a safe and secure journey during the travel. You get safe, fresh food and beverages on the flight. During the journey, American airlines provide you full entertainment facilities like play music, movies, videos, games, video games and many more. You take medical facilities on the flight. If you are a disabled person, you can travel with your medical equipment. You can travel with your small pet in American airlines. If your bag is lost at the airport, you can request a claim for the lost bag. You get your lost bag within 24 hours. If you want to cancel your ticket with American airlines, you can cancel your flight ticket easily. You can get a ticket at the best prices. You get your full refund in your account within 24 hours. American airlines provide attractive deals and special discounts offer for you. You can get a cheap flight ticket with American airlines and manage your bookings easily by dialing American Airlines Manage Booking number. If you want to get more information about American Airlines, you can visit our official site and you can call American airlines phone number 24*7 days. You get a quick solution to your problem.

  • You can Book your flight tickets either online or contact number at any time.
  • And payment can be paid online.
  • you may check your flight status by connecting with our experts through our American airlines’ customer service number.
  • You can book alternate flights in case your flights get canceled.
  • American airlines allow the carry-on bag and one small personal items during your travel.
  • Makeover you can select and then accordingly book your seats in flight for your desired destination.

Know about American Airlines policies and charges applied

There are many policies mentioned by American Airlines like baggage policy, pet policy, and charges applied on equipment etc. They aware about what types bags, pets, etc you can carry in the flight without charges or with charges. If you have trouble regarding policies you can contact us hassle-free through aa customer service number.

Baggage Policy

Under, Baggage policy American Airlines provide all important information related to baggage size and weight carry along with in the flight. Also bag securely fitted above the box or under the seat in front of you. This company provides its baggage allowance according to class of the flight. Customers also ring on American Airlines customer service number to know fees Collins with bags. On regular basic amount charge on bags mention under baggage policy.

carry-on baggage policy
  • 1 personal item – free
  • 1 carry-on item – free
  • Checked Goods / Holding Items – Charge increases per bag with a checked number.
  • Overweight and over-sized bags – charge applied on per bag on the basis of weight and size.
  • Game Equipment – Charge applicable on some game equipment.
 carry- on luggage policy
  • Allow free carry-on personal item like a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, etc for all travelers.
  • Carry-on items should not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 in (56 x 36 x 23 cm) (including handles and wheels) size and weight.
  • Your personal items should fit under your seat and it does not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm).

Lap infant carry-on policy

American Airlines allows you to bring diaper bags (1 child per child), soft-sided cooler bag with breast milk, child safety seats at extra safety cost.

Stroller Check Policy
  • The stroller of more than 20 lbs / 9 kg should be examined on the ticket counter
  • Each customer is allowed to check for 1 Nomad and/or 1 car seat for free (can be checked at only one gate).

Checked luggage/hold material policy

  • You travel includes Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and South America, then you carry either a maximum of 10 bags or a maximum of 5 bags and 2 standard bags.
  • Checked bags should have the maximum weight of 23 kg for the economy and premium economy, 32 kg for business and first-class rent, and maximum linear dimensions of 62 “(158 cm).

Pet policy

Whenever you are using American Airlines pet travel policy in a cabin or via cargo, More information about pet policy that you need to determine your pet will be able to fly or not with American Airlines. some points to remember:

    • 2 pets allowed, which is at least 8 weeks old.
    • The combined weight of the carrier and pet should not exceed 45 kg.
    • Americans Airlines Pet sedition and travel rules are to travel safely. 
    • You should Know a rule that applies to a lot of pets i.e they should fit under the seat, and their carrier should be able to fly in the cabin.
    • Large animals must travel in the form of checked goods or pet cargo.

Pet policy in cabin

Visit the cabin with your pets to meet the requirements listed in the pet policy of American Airlines, the customer will need and approve the airline pet carrier policy. It allows small pets at least 8 weeks old to travel in the cabin, but pet and carrier both combined weight does not more than 20 pounds (9 kg). Pets suitably fit in their carrier, with the door closed and under the seat during the journey.

Pet carrier size in American airlines

American Airlines allows 19″*13″*9″ (L*W*H) pet carrier size. For any confusion we are here to attend effectively. Safe and accessible transportation of pets. Under pet policy, need not health certificate of the animal. Time to time policies should be revised according to needs.

Pet policy cost in American Airlines
Pet in cabin $125.00 USD one way
Pet in baggage $125.00 USD one way
Cargo Area/Checked Baggage Pet Fee $200 one-way

American Airlines pet policy emotional support

If you are flying with your pet from American Airlines, you will get full emotional support for your pet. Some US airlines have emotional support for pet policy.

  • Mental health professional form (Above – ESA Letter)
  • Behavior guidelines
  • Veterinary health form

Animal hygiene during 8+ hours (only if your flight is scheduled for more than 8 hours). All of this information will be verified, so American Airlines must submit documents at least 48 hours before your flight, Otherwise, you may have to check the animal in a carrier, and they will not be allowed to travel with you, as you would like them to do in the cabin.

Cancellation policy of American Airlines

The main focus on the type of ticket you bought while canceling your ticket with American Airlines to be considered. Here, American Airlines offering electronic and paper tickets to different classes. Customers can change or cancel their reservations online. Some paper ticket requires agent details to call or visit on the issued address. According to the official site, you have a time period of one year if you cancel your itinerary and want to use the credit with a different flight. American Airlines manage booking phone number provides information about how to cancel the flight. If you are eligible for a refund, then you have to wait seven to twenty business days to get a refund.

Overweight luggage charges

American Airlines will charge the following amount for  overweight bags that are more than standard 50 pounds or 23 kilograms:

Weight extra charge
51 to 70 pounds (24 to 32 kilograms ) $ 100.00 USD per bag
71 to 100 pounds (33 to 46 kilograms) $ 200.00 USD per bag
Bags over 100 pounds or more than 46 kilograms Not to be accepted as checked hold items.
Bags over 100 pounds or more than 46 kilograms will not be accepted as checked baggage/hold items.

Oversize luggage charges

  • Check out the official site for the upgraded news related to price. American Airlines will charge a fee on 62-125 inches or 158-320 cm for any bag.
  • $ 200 per bag– American domestic, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America, and Transact.
  • $ 150 per bag – Brazil and Transatlantic.

Note that there are bilateral boundaries throughout the year during travel to Bolivia, Paraguay and other cities in Brazil. Bags with a total dimension of more than 125 inches or 320 centimeters will not be accepted.

Charges on sports equipment

Types of equipment like golf bags, skis, hockey, fishing equipment, and lacrosse equipment will be accepted that is according to the size and weight of American Airlines and counted as a checked bag/hold bag. Associated fees with equipment apply to it.

American Airlines restricted items

  • More than 140 proof of alcoholic beverages: Carry-on is not allowed in check-in luggage.
  • Eat-to-eat food: not allowed
  • protective spray(Mace, tear gas, pepper spray): is not allowed in check-in baggage along with a carry-on.
  • Explosives (crackers, gunpowder, flares, flare guns): carry-on, as well as checked items, are not allowed in
  • ‘Flammable liquids or concrete (fuel, paint, gas torch): carry-on and as well as checked goods are not permitted
  • Household Goods (Leach, Spray Starch, Insecticide, Aerosol): not allowed
  • Mobility like electric wheelchairs: not allowed

Fetch the best deals and discounts on American Airlines

Customers can take benefits from American Airlines. And book your flight ticket immediately by aa customer service from any place in the world. American Airlines manage booking number has some of its management and services that are very important for the customer. Customers can achieve a trip package, business trip package and many more benefits. If you want to see the views of the mountains, seas, oceans, valleys, rivers, statues and some of the other fabulous sights in the world then you can easily book your ticket within your pocket. we provide various coupons for booking your tickets. Whenever you plan your holidays by American airlines then you can call aa customer service number for booking your ticket and take any information.

Reason to book flight tickets with American Airlines

  • Get the best prize deal with guaranteed
  • Big saving with American airlines cheap flight ticket
  • 24/7 assistance
  • easy, fastest and secure reservations

Types of classes in American Airlines flight

American Airlines has different types of classes according to customer requirements and high payment for the ticket.

Business Class: Business class poses fast Service with comfortable Seating,  clean and fresh food, drink services, ground services, and privilege while boarding. Business-class is very expensive as compared to the economy class. Its main cabin appreciated by travelers because of the league’s up to 6 inches, and you can easily store your luggage. When you have booked your business class ticket with American Airlines. This is really enjoyable and experiences the world’s best journey.

Economy Class: Economy class refers that you are in the main cabin instead of the first or business class. You are with other travelers in-flight with limited services. passengers can reserve tickets in economy class through American Airlines Reservations phone number.

Premium Economy Class:  This class provides you quality seating, food, beverage services, ground services, but also with a large personal TV screen, laptop power port, etc.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to cancel the flight on American Airlines?

In order to request a refund, you must first cancel your reservation. To cancel your trip, if you have been booked as a guest, then you have to contact the reservation. Benefits travelers can log in contact reservations.

What is the American Airlines Pet Policy?

Only one pet carrier is allowed per passenger per ticket, additional charges apply. Pets in Baggage Compartment: Pets of American Airline Policy should be within 10 days of traveling and within 60 days of travel on the same ticket and 10 days after a separate ticket.

Are American Airlines Refundable?

It is not possible for American Airlines to return an irrefutable ticket unless the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Your ticket can also be returned in case of passengers experiencing some tragedy or death of your relatives or traveling companions. In the case, passengers faced some military orders, the tickets are refundable.

What costs are involved to check a bag on American Airlines?

Fees for overweight goods include different rules. In case, you need to travel and check with a bag which is heavier than free weight allowance, which is 23 kg or 51 pounds, you may need to pay more weighted goods. These luggage charges are payable only at check-in point.

What happened in case I miss my American Airlines flight?

Two hours rule states that if a passenger arrives within two hours of his missed flight, then the airline employee can put you in the next flight with the same airline on standby without charge. If you miss the last flight of the day, then you will be on standby in the first flight the next day.

What is the number of bags, can one take on American Airlines?

American Airlines allows its passengers to carry a carry-on bag with personal baggage along with a purse, briefcase or laptop bag, i.e. free of cost. There are restrictions on the size and weight of carry-on, in which the dimension is 45 in linear inch that is 22 x 14 x 9 or 115 centimeters i.e. 56 x 36 x 23 cm, including luggage handles and wheels.

Can I bring a purse and a carry-on bag on the airplane?

All passengers are allowed to carry main carry-on bags with personal belongings, which include laptops, purses, cameras, and similar goods. Dimensions associated with carrying personal items include items that should not exceed 36 inches and that is, the length and width plus height. The best part is that try to carry an object that can easily fit under the seat in front of you.

What is the cost associated with changing American Airlines flight?

With the change of an American Airlines flight, there is a total of $ 200 fee attached to the paid rent. Full rent refundable tickets are the exceptions in this case. For international flights, changes can prove to be a bit expensive because you need to pay $ 450 if you change any international flight. If you make changes on the same day, then 75 dollars is associated with the economy class passengers and it is absolutely free for all business and first-class passengers.

What is the American Airlines Pet Policy?

Only one pet carrier is allowed per passenger per ticket, additional charges apply. Pets in Baggage Compartment: Pets of American Airline Policy should be within 10 days of traveling and within 60 days of travel on the same ticket and 10 days after a separate ticket.

Can I get a refund on my American Airlines ticket?

If you have purchased American Airlines tickets directly from us, you can request an online refund or contact reservation. We will process your refund within 7 days on the original credit card (this should be displayed on your statement in 1-2 billing cycles)

What happens if my flight is canceled?

If your flight is canceled, then the airline usually buys you again on the next available departure. You can simply request a full refund, or you can re-book yourself on an alternate flight through the airline’s website or customer service line. You must not make any changes or cancellation fees.

How do I cancel my American Airlines flight?

For flight reservations for AA vacations, you must call the 24-hour purchase order to cancel the air ticket reservation and request an air ticket return. Reservations should be booked at least 2 days before scheduled departure.

Which type of carrier will be below the airline seat?

For the soft side box: The maximum dimension for soft-sided chenille is 18 inches long * 11 inches wide * 11 inches high (46cm * 28cm * 28cm). Recommended soft-sided pet carrier is allowed because they are adjustable and fit in place below the seat.

Does the backpack come in the list of individual items on American Airlines?

According to TSA rules, passengers are allowed to carry only private items such as laptop computers, purses, small backpacks, briefcases, camera cases, etc.

How much is flying with a dog?

If your pet is small enough to fit in a carrier, which goes below your front seat, then this method of travel by airlines is far from your best bet for a safe, worry-free journey. Most major airlines are still accepting a pet per passenger at an average cost of $ 125.00 on domestic flights.

Dial our American Airlines customer service number for expert assistance

Call on American Airlines phone number +1-855-653-5007 to get the latest update regarding problems and resolved before traveling from one place to another. Any type of issue, Our senior customer executive provides the best support to all travelers and makes your journey comfortable. If you want to know about the flight status like an airline ticket booking, flight reservations and any other types of issues, call us at American Airlines contact number to change your plan to the latest scenario. The customer care department is available 24 hours 7 days to help you. American Airlines offers cheap reservation fare for their passengers and you can come in contact with the airline through our American Airlines phone number. The executive will pick up the phone, tell you about American Airlines details. you need any special help or you want to arrange a trip, you are freely contacted through our American Airlines customer service number. We never allow you to face any problem and solve your query in every possible manner. You will experience a comfortable and smooth journey with us because they provide outstanding flight experience at a low cost and enjoy the luxury vacation. No problem if you are new people with American Airlines, issues will be resolved by calling the American Airlines manage booking number very easily.