How to Use and Set up Google Flights Alerts to Book your Flights

Almost everyone search ticket at an affordable fare. Passengers need a platform from where they get all information related to booking. Google flights alerts come into existence. Google flight make available all necessary information at one place to make your plan easy. Customer can check flight prices that help you to choose a good time to book your flight at low price.

Through google it sent mail to the customer when your flight tickets available at a low price. And it also helps you to manage your trip, flight, hotel, and ticket package. Strongest flight search platforms on the internet are come in the name of google flights alerts. It is easy to handle and have multiple features too.  To see travel, google add a new feature when you logged through google account.

Features of google flights

Some features for google flights as further we will discuss in detail and also it shows the price of flights that you are searching to book is high, low, or typical.

  • Flights price guarantee : This feature of google flights is on trial period and it is available on a particular flight origin in the u.s. For example customer book flight during trial period, then google guarantee that the price will not drop. If it happens than google pay for it.
  • Google travel itineraries : According to this features, google flights focuses on your vacation program. When your flight confirmation is sent to your gmail account. Google shows everything that you have booked as timeline.
  • Google travel recommendations : The last and amazing feature provide by google under google flight. Google help you at next step to see choices for hotels, restaurants, and other things to do at suitable cost. For example if you click on search option to get information about hotel in a city. Google redirect your page on Google hotels. Now here you will access hotel and other important information at one place. For restaurants you click on top restaurants in a city, google redirect your page on google maps. Through this page you can check out top restaurants and book a table in a  particular city.

Get Advantages by Google flights alerts  

Some good advantages given by Google Flights alerts :

  • Lighting fast : It is faster than other flight search engine. And display seasons and peak months booking amount in a second.
  • Calendar shop : This is simple to show low air fare to the next 12 months.
  • Multiple airport search engine : Google flight improve your search for low fare between seven source and destination places without any network issue.

How to find departure and arrival locations on Google flights

On the homepage, you enter the location from where you want to fly and your destination place with dates. Note that you can enter seven airport in a box separated with commas. Searching for low cost vacation. Example put your destination airports Landon, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Rome, or Milan with commas from Chicago  after that it shows you the lowest flight from source to destination.

Book a flight through Google Flights Alerts

If you are decided to go with good departure flight, Click on it. You will choose return flight also. It provides facility to go back and change the departure flight.Google Flight shows the price includes taxes. You are looking for a round trip, the price shown by Google flight for the entire round trip.

It is not an online travel agency, Google Flights is a flight search engine. It means that you can not only book your flight through Google Flight side by side you can access other information related to flight also.

Steps involved to create Google Alerts

  • Log-in with gmail account.
  • Put your travel information like customer, arrival airport, destination airport.
  • Then select dates
  • Press on Track Prices button
  • Press on view all
  • See the flight your are tracking
  • Check out your email on a daily basis.

How to save money and time by Google Flights

The Google Flights is one of the most powerful search engines from other. It has a lot of options with no fear.

Search multiple cities : It makes multiple searches at one time includes 7 departure and destination places that why it saving your time with multiple searches.

Search multiple dates : Here you can search for multiple arrival and departure cities at low cost by clicking on calendar. After putting your departure and arrival dates. Calendar show you price of flights for whole months with mention dates and days. Days that offer lower prices will be shown in green.

Uses of Google Flights Alerts

Google Flights is a tool which facilitated you  to search, compare, and book flights. It provides services like a travel agency with an effective way to save money, time and improve your search for each airline sites. Some uses are given below:

  • Reserve a flight : You can easily book your flight by Google Flights with multiple option at one place compared with different flight prices and location of hotels and restaurants.
  • For tracking flight price : Through tracking price button after entering details in Google Flights you can track your price by email whenever price increases or decreases.
  • Facility to share data : This tool has an option to share a chosen program before actually booking the flight. It is helpful when searching for flights for someone else or planning group vacation with 2 ways for sharing : 1) email the vacation to yourself, or 2) share the vacation with another.
  • To explore destination : By Explore Destinations button, where you select the dates of your travel. This tool is very interesting because this perfect way to find travel. Three main ways you can search by  Place, Date, and Price.
  • Selection of flight : To select the flight for your vacation, a section on the right side showing you the fare of your different flight options. By clicking on View Flight, page directed back to Google Flights homepage where customer can book the flight.
  • Hotels : For hotels, search hotels section in google flights. Again enter your dates  and where you want to go details and you will find lists and maps for the destination hotel. Improve your search results using filters such as Number of Guests, Price, Hotel or Vacation Rental, Guest Rating, Amenities, and/or Brands.
  • Packages : This feature is good to reserve trip package according to criteria. After putting the details i.e date of arrival, departure, number of people etc shows you multiple destination places on the criteria basis.  You click on a destination, your page redirected to a new page showing Your Trip with the best Hotel and Flight.

How to create an Alert by Google flights alerts

Google Alerts sent updates to your Gmail account. Firstly, customers make sure that they are already signed with Google Account either by YouTube account. Because you need to set up your Google Alerts.

After that search for the track price option and press the button to on the alert. If you click on track price button then you will see a small inbox at the bottom of the page. From anywhere you can track your flights. If you are not set the alert, you are not able to get notification even price is lower. Setting up Google Alerts is easy and can be done through easy steps. Get services to book cheap flight tickets within minutes.

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