Get to Know About United Airlines Baggage Policy

The United Airlines baggage policy system is very straight forward. Generally, you will get a free carry-on and a free personal item and you will have to pay 25 $ to your first checked bag and 35 $ to the second checked bag. However, these fees can be very high depending on the fare category you book, elite status, credit card membership, flight route (international), and the weight and size of your luggage. You are worried about carrying bags limitation, fees and limits of carrying bags in United Airlines flights, we discuss United Airlines baggage policy this article. Important information you need to know about United Airlines baggage policies :

How many carry-on luggage can you bring to United States Airlines?

United State Airlines allows you to bring the following:

  • 1 carry-on bag
  • 1 personal item

Carry-on bag

  • Free (including basic economy transatlantic flights and excluding all other basic economy fares)
  • The maximum dimension for the carry-on bag is 9 “* 14” * 22 “(22 * 35 * 56) cm, including the huddles and wheels.

Personal item

The maximum dimensions for an individual item are 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm). Individual items usually include the following:

  • Bag
  • shoulder bags
  • Purse
  • Laptop bag
  • Other small items

Individual items should be able to fit under your front seat and bag-saucers are available in the check-in area, so customer can double the size of your items when arriving at the airport.

Exceptions for carry-on bag

Like many other airlines, United also makes some exceptions for carton items. whenever you bring one of the following items on board, they will not count towards your carry-on and an individual item limit.

  • Jacket or umbrella
  • Reading material
  • Food or goods purchased in the airport
  • Accessories (a set of collapsible wheelchairs, canes, crutches, prescription drugs required to control prescription drugs, portable oxygen concentrations, etc.)
  • FAA-approved child restraint system or safety seat
  • diaper bag
  • breast pump
  • Pet carrier (service fees apply for pets in the cabin)

Basic Economy Carry-On Policy

  • Customer purchase on a Basic Economy fare, you will only be allowed one individual item, unless you are a Premier member or primary card-member using a Mileage Plus credit card.
  • Customers are not familiar with basic economy fares are new economy fares that are supposed to be cheaper than the economy but have fewer benefits (many of which are standard).

United Airlines express baggage fees

United does not provide you with free checked goods. The fee charged may vary by a route so I suggest you enter your route here to calculate the exact amount for your luggage. However, to provide you with some guidance, I have supplied a fee amount that you can probably expect to pay.

Unless you are given free checked baggage due to airline status, cabin class, or credit card membership, you will usually have to pay:

  • 30 $ for the first checked bag
  • 40$ for the second checked bag
  • 150$ to $ 200 for a third checked bag ($ 200 for some international flights)

United Airlines checked baggage dimensions and weight

The maximum exterior dimensions (length + width + height) of standard checked luggage are 62 inches (158 cm), including handles and wheels. The maximum weight for combined checked baggage depends on which class you are flying in your elite level.

Ticket class

  • Economy: 50 pounds (23 kg)
  • Business / First: 70 pounds (32 kg)

United Airlines baggage fees

United will charge you based on each measurement that your luggage exceeds the limit. For example, if one of your baggage is overweight, overweight and above perks then you will be subject to three different additional charges. This can be very important if you are planning to bring oversize baggage. Remember, baggage fees will always depend on the airline you fly. So, if you are blowing up one of United’s partners, then you have to pay partner prices. For example, if you are flying from Lufthansa and then connecting with metal joint, you will have to find out the luggage fees for Lufthansa, even if you are flying the joint on the other leg.

United Airlines Baggage Policy for oversize baggage

  • Generally, for luggage that is 63.0 to 115.0 linear inches (160 to 292 cm), you can expect to pay an additional $ 200 per bag.
  • Baggage with total external dimensions (length + width + height) exceeding 115 inches (292 cm) will not be accepted as checked baggage.

United Airlines baggage policy for overweight baggage

  • Typically, for baggage that are 51.0 to 70.0 pounds (24 to 32 kg), you will pay $ 100 extra per bag, but this can be $ 200 per bag on international flights.
  • For luggage, which is from 71.0 to 100.0 pounds (33 to 45 kilograms), you will pay $ 200 extra per bag
  • With the exception of accessories and musical instruments, baggage weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) will not be accepted. Musical instruments up to 165 pounds. (75 kg) will be accepted.

Additional baggage is accepted only if space permits. Overlays, overweight and extra luggage are not accepted on certain destinations and some flights during specific timelines. For a list of destinations where there could be oversize/additional baggage does not accept checking the embargo page.

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